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I am Crissy from Conscious Crissy.

Here’s a bit about me:

I have been a Massage Therapist, human & dog mom +wife  for 10 years.

I enjoy yoga, being outdoors, time with family, travel & recipe creating.

I have been interested in health and wellness for years!

My path originally wasn’t the brightest… coming from a past with drugs & alcohol. I am open about my past because I believe some struggle with change / feel it’s too ambitious, but you can absolutely change the trajectory of your life!

It requires consistency and a lot of compassion with Self.(Along with a healthy support system / professional help at times.) But it is absolutely possible.

Preluding my true health journey, I took diet pills, ate restrictively and actually formed eating disorders, as well as an addiction to exercise.  Compared to my previous habits, these did not seem “bad” and were also widely promoted and normalized at the time.

The more I went on like this, the bigger the toll it took.

I realized I needed balance even if I wasn’t seeing it in the media. Everything was, “AVOID these foods”, “take a TONS of vitamins”, “workout for 2 hours a day”. It was extreme. And while this may work for some, It triggered my Imbalanced past with food and exercise.

I began my journey of Intuitive Eating and Movement.

Throughout this time period I also read several books, ranging from diet to self help.

How not to die & The china study, Diet & Nutrition: A holistic approach

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

The Alchemist

The Power of Now

The Untethered Soul

You Can Heal Your Life

Letting Go:The Pathway to Surrender

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F

You Are A Badass

Other books for psychology and women’s empowerment include but not limited to:

All Brene Brown books

Psychology & The Challenges of Life

I have had a passion for psychology since sophomore year of high school. I was fascinated by the human nature and how most of what we do is the effect of some previous experience. How 95% of our actions come from our subconscious and only 5% from our conscious minds. I always wonder about & seek to understand people’s tendencies, preferences and behaviors.

I have felt drawn to Women’s Empowerment, too. Learning our history, our differences, the ways in which we’ve been held back in certain eras, as opposed to worshipped in others. Our true potential and how we are conditioned to hyper-fixate on our appearances so we don’t become all we can be. The oppression of our authenticity, magic + natural beauty.

So, it was easy to choose The SWAT Institute for Women’s Health and Empowerment to become accredited as a coach.

I made it through the women’s health and psychology portions, many assignments, books read. These were taught by amazing nutritionists, dietitians and doctors! I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

When I got to the coaching portion, there were some things I didn’t agree with. There was a harshness vs. empathy + encouraged restrictions to an unhealthy extent.

I realized this source of accreditation reached the end of it’s alignment with me. I tried to push on just to become accredited, but I knew intuitively, I would never coach this way. So I did not see a point in continuing.

And while I would love to be certified in the future somewhere else, I do not feel it’s entirely necessary in order to coach. Nothing will teach you as much as experience and that is an area I have a wealth of knowledge. My lessons in Life School are vast & many. I feel like I have been training my whole life for this career, whether I’d studied or not. But to pair experience with the studies I do have, I feel even better prepared.

Through my experience, I have learned to:

~Create Healthy Boundaries

~Recognize Green Flags

~Cultivate Healthy Connections

~Release What No Longer Serves (This looks different in every phase of life.)

~Eat a Balanced / Wholesome diet

~Find Intuitive Movement/Exercise (in a way that is sustainable)

~Create Nourishing & Gentle Routines to Ensure Consistency

~Accumulate a Toolbox of Mental Health Techniques to Self-Regulate

~Know Myself Deeply

~Connect to Intuition

All this combined has helped me to live a life mostly happy & free.

This is the purpose I intend to serve/have as a Wellness Coach.

Are You interested in working with me?

You can DM me on my Instagram: @conscious_crissy

With love,
Conscious Crissy


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